A very athletic and succesful challenge!

A few weeks ago a couple of very sportive young men decided to do a ’48-4-4 challenge’; running 4 miles, every 4 hours for 48 hours (continuing in the night..!) for a charity. Lucky for us, they choose two of our projects we currently have in Zambia; namely ‘Kondwa’ Center and ’the Heal Project’. Both projects create a life changing support in the rural community in terms of offering shelter, food and education to several underprivileged and traumatized orphan children. They did a fantastic job and were able to raise almost EUR 4000,-! Both of the orphanages have received their equal share and are so, so excited and thankful. The money will be used for (a lot of) necessary repairment and maintenance of the houses of the children and there will be a special Celebration Day for the children with extra food and drinks.
Needless to say we also are very thankful and so proud of this act of generosity and not to mention, fantastic athletic performance!
As the financial support makes a big difference in the daily lives of the children and their caretakers, so does this act of kindness for their psychological well-being as they know that people care about them.
They say pictures say more than a 1000 words, so see for yourself:)
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